Care Candidates


As we fully understand the importance of compliance within the care sector, we have full membership of the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation). We must satisfy audit and compliance to be able to be a member.  We successfully achieved 100% in our last assessment in January 2019.  Not all agencies are REC registered so it is worth checking that they are if you are currently using an agency.

Alongside the REC we have a stringent compliance system in house.  We follow the guidelines from CQC so they will fully meet the regulations, so you have a worry-free inspection. We use a recruitment system called flo, its advanced systems are able to provide complete transparency and can be tailored to client needs when required. Flo allows us to grant our clients access to the system, therefore clients can see what staff they have and the profiles for each staff member booked.

Candidate Compliance

Stage 1) Telephone pre-screen
Telephone pre-screen, using values-based recruitment, employment history check. Information about the care roles and suitability and what to expect in the face to face interview and what documentation to bring with them on the interview day.

Stage 2) Right to work checks
We use the home office checklist. If someone does not have the right to work documents, they will NOT be able to go onto stage 3.

Stage 3) DBS document check
All candidates must have the right documentation for us to process a DBS. If these are not present then we can’t progress to stage 4.

Stage 4) Application form
At this point candidates will be asked to complete an application form. It’s here where candidates provide a written account of work history, health or disability references and full work history accounting for any gaps in employment. We also use this to assess the candidate’s understanding of what they are being asked and their written communication skills.

Stage 5) Face to face interview
We use a range of techniques throughout the interview:

Work history and skill set are explored further face to face using competency-based questions to determine understanding and competence.

We include value-based interviewing within interview throughout.

Whilst ensuring values are embedded, we also assess the knowledge and understanding of:

• Health and safety in fire
• Dignity and respect
• Whistleblowing
• Safeguarding
• Role of the care worker
• Infection control
• Equality and diversity
• Manual handling

We will provide candidates with a set of scenario questions which are more in-depth for Nurses and cover admiration of medicines, risk assessments, managing staff and professional conduct. Nurses will be checked against the NMC – we record this and record the date of renewal on flo.

Stage 6) Feedback and evaluation
Candidates will be provided with some verbal feedback, as we believe in an open and honest approach. Successful candidates will move onto stage 7. If unsuccessful, we will provide advice and guidance on next steps or refer to our other departments.

Stage 7) Referencing and completion of DBS
All successful candidates will now be added to flo as inactive until all compliance is checked and back. At this stage we apply for the DBS and request references. We request 2 references – one must be the current or last employer.

Stage 8) Training
All candidates participate in our in-house training. This is a 2/3-day training course that covers all the mandatory training. It also includes practical manual handling and basic life support. Our trainers are qualified and remain current with their own training and development.

Elements covered are:

• Principles and duty of care safeguarding of vulnerable adults
• Mental capacity
• Awareness of dementia and learning disabilities
• Medication awareness
• Personal care
• Dignity and respect
• Catheter and stoma awareness
• Fluids and nutrition
• Communication
• Equality and diversity
• Basic life support- practical & theory
• Infection prevention
• Health and safety
• Moving and positioning – practical & theory
• Fire safety
• End of life care
• Handling information

Stage 9) Oakland Induction and first day of work
Once all checks have been carried out and return compliant, staff are now ready to work. They will receive a welcome to Oakland Care, which covers everything someone would need to know when working for ourselves such as timesheets, confirming shifts etc.

We also issue a staff handbook with all our policies and procedures, and vital information for anyone working for us.

Staff are issued with an ID badge and uniform – they are expected to wear both when working for us. A profile is created and stored on flo and sent to clients when they work in a new setting.

Some staff will also undertake a shadow shift if required before they start work.

After a first shift we ensure we communicate with the client to carry out a quality check – feedback is provided to the candidate.

We provide candidates will continuous development – candidates can access further training at any time required. We have our own training company and can offer a range of training solutions from classroom based to e-learning.

Every 12 months all staff will receive a new ID badge and refresher training, ensuring they are compliant and up to date. At this stage a new profile is created, and we update the system with new skills and work history if relevant.

The whole process can take from 1-4 weeks. Having the right documentation will help the process speed up.


Care Candidate

I like working for Oakland as they work around flexible hours that suit you and they are Lovely people to work with I also enjoy going around new places to work as it expands your experience.

Care Candidate

Oakland care are really good at keeping in touch with me as my days change, they try their best to give me shifts around uni days.

Care Candidate

Oakland are different to other agencies as they talk to you like a person, other agencies don’t treat you that well.  I feel valued working for Oakland.

Care Candidate

The training that I received from Oakland was fantastic, Sarah really knew her staff.

Care Candidate

The staff in the office really helped me when I first started as I hadn’t worked in care, they trained me and I went on several shadow shifts, after 6 months I then secured a permanent job in care.

Care Candidate

Very thorough in the paperwork side, everything was checked which took a while, but I understand why, so they were very compliant and I am very happy working for them.

Care Candidate

I’ve had some personal problems and Oakland took the time to reassure me, Nicola and Marie were supportive and eased me back into work.