Job Assessments

Preparing For A Job Assessment Day

Many employers now choose to assess their candidates during an “assessment day”. These days can often be difficult to understand at first, and that’s why we’ve put together this information for you. When you are offered the chance to attend an assessment day, you should approach it with a positive experience. The employer has shortlisted you to be part of their assessment program – something which not every applicant will be offered. This is to your advantage, knowing that you have already impressed the employer.

What To Expect On The Day

Most assessment days follow the same pattern. The most common assessment days firstly involve a tour of the employers facilities. This will help you to understand what working for them will be like, and what you’ll be doing. You’ll usually see other employees performing their daily job roles – something which may be required of you. You’ll get to see the benefits and perks of the job, and any facilities they have that are available to you (such as gyms, canteens etc).

The second part of the day is usually a group activity session. During the group activity, you will be expected to show that you can effectively work as part of a team. You’ll usually be given an ice breaker activity. The question poised to you will be something similar to, “Which three items would you take to a desert island, and why?”. The answers to this question may be important to the employer. You’ll need to show that you can think logically, and that you can effectively broadcast your ideas and opinions to the team. Try and somehow relate the answer to your personal qualities.

For example, you could say, “I would take my mobile phone so that I can continue sticking to my schedule of waking up to my alarm, checking my e-mails, checking my voicemails and other daily activities”. This shows that you have an active day-to-day schedule.

The third (and usually final) part of the day involves a one-to-one or panel interview. Here, they will ask you the typical interview questions. We suggest reading our Interview Tips and Techniques page to help prepare for the interview. You’ll also be able to read a plethora of information on panel interviews, what questions you might be asked, how to respond to certain questions and more.

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