Julia Bent

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment – enlistment, enrolment, employment and staffing the list goes on. For many years success is maintained by the dependence of people – good people. Loving what I do and loving the results is what makes my department successful, I am just a piece in the jigsaw here at the Oakland Group and as a whole the picture is great.

At Oakland we are one big team, sharing experience and knowledge, between our ever-growing team, if we count individually how long we have worked in the recruitment industry we have over 150 years collectively. Our Director clocking up the most, which is what makes Oakland great.

As part of the success of ‘The Oakland Group’ I was delighted to be offered a position and joined the team in 2017 as a Senior Recruitment Consultant managing the Commercial Sector. Providing a service to clients for both temporary solutions and permeant roles.

I have always worked in Recruitment and have a HR background working in People and Development and specialising in engagement. Engagement is all about embedding a culture that builds motivation for employees and loyalty, I feel this has helped my success in recruitment as I recognise a good attitude and a willing to want to succeed in other.

Knowing my clients’ needs and learning their culture is one of the key factors in providing the right fit of people ensuing longevity.

Candidate management is also key on servicing our clients and this is something I have championed for many years; I personally like to have a quick turnaround on filling vacancies. I am not saying this is easy, but my success rate is high and enables repeated business. At Oakland we have the tools to source the right candidates, we attract candidates by advertising roles using a range of media, as well as by networking, headhunting and through referrals.

As part of this not to give to many secrets away, it’s important for me to kindle a good relationship with all my candidates right from the start, I like to meet all my candidates and build up their trust, get to know them which enables them to be open and honest and this way I don’t get many no shows and waste my clients time or mine. I find a lot of my candidates recommend The Oakland Group for other roles as well and we always get candidates coming back once they have finished a contract.

We provide career advice, I have helped a lot of new graduates on the right path of their careers placing them in admin roles which is the foundation of any commercial role. I always prepare my candidates for interviews coaching them making sure they are making the right choice on the best approach to secure employment.

Most of my candidate’s phone on a regular basis to give me updates on their placements and we always have good friendly chat.

I am a great believer in getting it right the first time, you don’t get many second chances in recruitment and time is of the essence. So, having a proven track record of placing the right candidate in the right role at every level is always my aim.

Our service levels are flexible, and we can tailor solutions to meet our client’s needs. We can arrange assessment centres on your behalf if needed, provide full screening of candidates and even getting candidates complete a skills assessment which is taken from the functional skills assessment used in diagnostic assessments when people enter Further Education.

I love a coffee and a chat and will always go that extra mile to deliver the best service to both clients and candidates.